In Focus | Jade Davidson

March 12, 2018

Who is your favourite person to spend time with and why?
My lovely fiancé. She is finishing her law degree on the east coast right now, so when we are together we make the most of it!

What is your favourite local store in Kelowna and why?
Chai Baba. I can’t get enough of their Coconut Green Tea!

Describe yourself in one word.

If you could go anywhere in the world right at this moment where would you go and why?
My fiancé and I traveled to Scandinavia this past fall. We visited Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It was cold and we regretted not stopping in at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland to warm up on the way home. If I could do anywhere right now, it would be there!

What is your favourite activity in Kelowna?
I love the outdoors. When I am not working you can find me hiking, skiing, biking, or floating.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
I’d rather not discuss that… 🙂

What is the most inspiring thing that has happened to you?
Growing up with entrepreneurial parents I have learned that if you have an idea, are willing to work hard and get a little creative, it’s possible to carve your own path and create the future that you want.

Tell us your favourite childhood memory.
I was visiting my grandmother the other day and I told her that my “childhood happy place” was sitting on my Fisher Price picnic bench in her living room, eating Itchi Ban and watching the Disney version of Robin Hood.

Where do you volunteer or give back to in the community?
I volunteer my time by sitting on the Board of Directors for The Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA). CHBA is the leading advocate of the residential construction industry across the province. We work to the benefit of our members and the public through advocating in government and public relations, builder education and innovation. Hybrid Elevator is an accessible seating sponsor for concerts and sporting events at Prospera Place. Additionally, Hybrid Elevator donated a handicapped boat lift as a legacy sponsor at this year’s international Mobility Cup held at the Kelowna Yacht Club. This lift will remain permanently at the Kelowna Yacht club helping to make sailboats accessible to those with mobility challenges.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?
I would end MS.

Where would you sneak away to in Kelowna to spend some time alone?
I grew up in a small town and am a country boy at heart. I love getting outdoors and escaping the city. Stick me in the middle of nowhere with a pair of hiking boots, a fishing rod or a motorcycle, and you might have a hard time getting me to come back.

Where would you like to see positive change in Kelowna and why?
I would like to see accessibility at top of mind in Kelowna’s home building industry. With the high demand for retirement living here, we can create sustainable living environments and an increased standard of living by removing barriers to mobility.

What do you think makes Kelowna great?
I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful place. We are minutes away from world-class wineries, hiking, skiing and centered in the middle of this is an amazing lake. What else could you ask for?

What are 3 things on your bucket list?
1. Write a book;
2. Ride a motorcycle from Alaska to South America;
3. Hike to base camp at Mount Everest.

Tell us something that not everyone may know about you.
Before I got into business, I wanted to be a Rock Star. I had hair down to my shoulders and played the drums.

How do people connect with you, personally, through social media? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)

What is the name of your business/organization?
Hybrid Elevator Inc.

Why did you get into/start this business?
My mom has MS and began developing mobility issues. We came across a small local elevator manufacturer with a great concept and a lot of potential. Long story short, we bought the business and haven’t looked back!

What is the goal of your business?
To develop and manufacture eco-friendly and economical accessibility products to create a sustainable future.

What has been your biggest struggle either at work or in life?
I am learning to re-introduce balance into my life. It’s easy to get caught up in your work and forget to have fun. It’s important to work hard but playing hard is important too!

If you could start all over again would you do things the same or would things be different?
I think that there are things in anyone’s life that they would change, and there are things that they would keep the same. The most important thing is what you do today.

Tell us your best piece of life advice.
Eat great food, drink better wine and travel lots.

If you could spend one whole day with anyone in the world who is currently alive, who would you select?
Nikki Sixx, the bass player from Motley Crue. His nickname is “The Architect.” In many bands, the bass player plays a minor role and is overlooked. Nikki was the driving force behind the band creating their image, writing most of their hits and managing their business interests. I like an underdog and Nikki was never afraid to push the envelope by trying things that have never been done before. I respect that.

Why do you think it is important to shop locally?
Supporting local business stimulates the local economy and enables local businesses to provide better products and services, which is a direct benefit to the people they serve.

What has been your proudest accomplishment?
This year Hybrid was recognized at the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. When you look back at where you started, and where you are now you see how far you have come. I am extremely proud of how our business has grown.

Give someone you think that deserves it a shout out and explain why!
My fiancé, Julia Norman. She is the most dedicated and driven person that I know. She has been working incredibly hard in her last year of Law School at Dalhousie this year. I am very proud of her; she definitely deserves a shout out!

My choice for the KelownaNow In Focus spotlight is:
Ranjit Takhar of Evergreen Building Maintenance and Takhar Property Group. His accomplishments speak for themselves. I am honoured to be his friend and business associate.