how does chba benefit me?

CHBA-CO is made up of over 280 local businesses in the residential construction industry. CHBA-CO membership also gives you access to industry-leading education that gives your business a competitive advantage, Networking opportunities to connect to other like-minded peers and entrepreneurs, and a stronger voice at all levels of government.

With over 2,500 members provincially, and more than 8,000 industry leaders nationally, our collective voice provides strength and visibility that helps your business stay ahead. But beyond that CHBA-CO membership gives you discounts, training, networking, and brand assets that build trust with consumers, city staff, and politicians.

membership features

  • Access to member portal with assets and resources
  • Special member pricing on events
  • Preferred rate on education (25% discount, builders only)
  • Access to awards program locally, provincially and nationally
  • Opportunity to join committee's locally, provincially and nationally
  • Opportunity to run for our Board of Directors
  • Opportunity to submit information for monthly newsletters
  • Social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Government advocacy locally, provincially and nationally
  • Opportunity to host a Buildin' After Hours, breakfast seminar, luncheon or speak at the Okanagan Construction Industry Conference
  • Ability to attend on average, 2-3 networking events/month
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Access to industry information on jobs wages, certificates, research papers, etc.
  • The latest Covid updates as they happen

Grow your Business

  • Save costs on education, events and affinity items
  • Increase your education and expertise
  • Build meaningful connections and partnerships with other members in the construction industry (business growth)
  • Increase your brand perception and awareness with CHBA affiliation
  • Increase your influence on the construction industry
  • Stay on top of industry news, allowing you to make more informed business decisions

Value for Business Owners and Staff

  • Government representation
  • Industry news, research & updates
  • Okanagan Housing Awards of Excellence
  • Educational opportunities
  • Connection with other members
  • Networking at Buildin' After Hours
  • CHBA Media activities
  • Marketing activities

Build up the Benefits

A SEAT AT THE TABLE: National, Provincial-regional and Municipal government representation, ensuring your concerns are shared and interests are protected. Few individual companies can make a difference in the system, but together, we have direct access with people in all levels of government whose decisions impact our industry.


THE OPPORTUNITY TO UPGRADE: Educational grants, certification programs and a multitude
of educational courses and workshops organized by CHBA CO. Gain valuable knowledge on the latest industry changes, trends and opportunities.


ACCESS TO INDUSTRY INFORMATION: Through the members only portal on our website, you’ll receive timely updates and research papers on relevant issues.


BUILD YOUR NETWORK: We host industry events and socials to help you connect with the local industry. Our Internet marketing campaigns are designed to both aid and serve our members and their clients.


BUILD YOUR REPUTATION: By joining CHBA, you are joining a group of industry leaders that are vetted, reputable and trustworthy. This is the place that the media comes to for an opinion on important matters of the day, and the association that consumers know and trust. When you join the association, you benefit from being able to use our logo and proudly say that “I am a CHBA member”.


RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENCE: The Okanagan Housing Awards of Excellence (formerly the Tommies) are well respected in this region. It’s a celebration of our industry and a reputation-builder for winners.


OH, AND SAVE MONEY. LOTS OF MONEY: Our member discounts help you save money on trucks, shipping, office supplies, phones, computers and all types of stuff. Just cashing in on these savings could cover the cost of an annual membership.