Why You Should Retrofit Your Home – Money available to encourage ‘Going Green’

The residential construction industry in BC has drastically updated its building standards in the past few years as builders realized that the old ways homes weren’t necessarily the most energy-efficient.... Read more  

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Construction

Construction jobs are often misconceived as low-paying, uneducated and dirty; but that’s far from the truth. The trade and construction industry is full of opportunity for those willing to put in the work... Read more  

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Students in Construction

One of the biggest issues in residential construction is the lack of people available to work. With a lack of carpenters, framers, plumbers, etc., builders in the Okanagan are struggling to take on more cli... Read more  

Canada Election 2021: How Each Party Plans to Fix the Housing Crisis

Updated August 24, 2021: The lack of affordable homes to buy and the rent was an issue for Canadians before the pandemic but has become a national crisis since. With the growth of remote work due to the pan... Read more  

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