City of Kelowna Invites You to Attend

August 2, 2018

The City of Kelowna would like to invite a representative from all Civil Engineering consulting firms to attend our next City-Industry Liaison Meeting at City Hall, Friday September 28th – in the Knox Mountain Meeting Room – 10am until noon (or before).

For discussion is any item impacting/affecting the Development Industry:

Dev.Eng. Service Delivery Update:

  • Development Engineering aspires to be: fair, transparent, predictable, accurate, accountable, timely, quality, value-added – how are we doing?
  • Questions/Concerns/Requests?

Best Practices:

  • SDS Bylaw 7900 & Policy 265/266 Update
  • Bulletins – Attached – Please Review & Comment – Please circulate within your teams!
    • Commercial Site Servicing
    • Retaining Walls
    • Blasting – Best Practice Guide Attached & Update on Soil Permit Changes
    • Preload/Piling/Prep
    • Storm Connections w. roof leaders
    • Record Drawing Checklist – Attached
    • DCC Credit Policy Update

Prioritiy Initiatives

  • Deferred Revenue
  • OQM
  • Mentor-in-Training Program

Urban Blasting Operations
Record Drawing Submission Checklist
Development Engineering Bulletins