Cassidy deVeer named 2nd Vice-President

May 15, 2018

Cassidy is the President and co-owner of 3rd Generation Homes in Kelowna, BC. The company was started in 2010 by Cassidy and her husband Gerald deVeer as a new venture. The name wasn’t just a matter of marketing, building has been in the family for three generations; on both sides, their parents and grandparents were actively involved in home building.

As the President of 3rd Generation Homes, Cassidy wears many different hats, handling marketing, design, sales, customer care, project management, human resources and much more. She is fully involved in the construction of each home from pre-design all the way to completion, with the goal to build her client’s dream home.

The philosophy is about quality over quantity, building a few amazing homes rather than building numerous entry level homes is 3rd Gen focus.

“We aren’t looking to build 30+ homes a year. We would prefer to work on fewer project that are more specialized to provide our clients with the highest level of service and attention to details”.  

As one of the five preferred builders at McKinley Beach, over half of the houses that 3rd Generation Homes currently has in construction are within this beautiful development. The rest are located in the Upper Mission and a few large homesteads around the city.  

In a mainly male dominated industry, Cassidy has become well-respected for her achievements, her knowledge, and the success of the company projects. To further her knowledge and skillset, Cassidy is currently working towards obtaining her Project Management Certificate from UBC. 

Cassidy is also an active volunteer within the community and has help build the OKM Senior Girls’ Basketball team into one of the top programs in the province. This has given her the opportunity to follow one of her passions and to provide guidance for a team of young women. She volunteers to coach at multiple age groups for boys and girls and still plays herself.  

My goals are to keep moving in the current direction CHBACO is going;  a strong focus on providing value to our members and to communicate with the general public about why they want to choose to work with our members. I also look forward to having an impact on our industry locally, including the impact the construction industry has on the environment. I was born in Kelowna and I have no plan to leave this amazing city. I am thankful for this wonderful opportunity!