Complaints about CHBA CO members are dealt with according to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Code For Disciplinary Action. A Complaints Committee addresses issues around possible improper conduct of members.  Should an issue currently be in legal proceedings, CHBA CO can not investigate the complaint until the court has made it's final ruling. Complaints about members or industry-related companies, products or services must be made in writing, explain how a member or industry-related company violated the CHBA CO code of ethics, be accompanied with a verified statutory declaration or similar sworn statement and addressed to:

CHBA CO Contact
Canadian Home Builders’ Association Central Okanagan
216 – 1884 Spall Road
Kelowna BC.
V1Y 4R1

Code of Ethics

  • Members and Directors shall comply with the Building Code of British Columbia as a minimum standard for construction and shall work toward its improvement in the interest of structural sufficiency, safety and health.
  • Members and Directors shall plan their sites and homes to conform to the principles of good community planning.
  • Members and Directors shall deal justly with their employees, sub-contractors, and suppliers.
  • Members and Directors shall co-operate to extend the effectiveness of the Association by exchanging information and experience, and encourage research on materials and techniques in order to provide better homes at lower cost.
  • Members and Directors shall uphold the principle of appropriate and adequate compensation for the services which they render.
  • Members and Directors shall avoid all conduct or practice likely to discredit or do injury to the home building industry.
  • These responsibilities are freely and solemnly assumed as they form part of an obligation as members and directors of the Association.