The 4 Ws of Aging in Place Home Modifications Webinar


December 15 @ 830AM

Presenter – Donna J. Franz, Registered Occupational Therapist (Healthcare Professional) and Accessibility Consultant (RHFAC) will highlight for CHBA members, an emerging trend of opportunity, to create safe, aesthetic and thoughtful Aging in Place Home Modifications, for the rising demographic of aging Baby Boomers and persons with disabilities.

Donna will focus on the complexity of creating designs that adhere to or exceed building code, so that seniors, who are homeowners or tenants, can age more independently and safely, for as long as possible, in their current homes. Design Home Modifications that minimize risks to homeowners will be presented, together with recommendations from an Occupational Therapist on how Builders, Tradespeople, and Interior Designers, can build collaborative design team.

In this session, we will discuss:

    • 1. Who? Who is wanting to Age in Place? Who is the target customer? Who makes decisions?

    • 2. Why? Why is this important?

    • 3. What? What we need to do? Most important issues

    • 4,  Where? Where will/ do we make the changes? & Building Codes/ CSA B-651 –

      • Bathroom – Zero threshold shower, lighting

      • Bedroom – Flooring , lighting, space, windows

      • Hallways /Doorways- Width, lighting

      • Stairs – Handrails, lighting

      • Flooring – Best options

      • Color /Contrast– Best options?

      • Electrical – Where is the best place?

      • Safety measures – Keep them safer options.

      • Use of Adaptive equipment – Grab bar placement, handrails,


This course is pending approval for 1 CPD credit(s);

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This Webinar is pending approval for 1 CPD