High Performance VS Energy Efficient Building- 7.5 CPDs


When asked to describe the “high-performance” building, the response that is generally received these days in British Columbia’s construction industry is, a building that has “low energy consumption”, or in other words, an “energy efficient” building. While it is acknowledged that achieving high levels of energy efficiency is one of the key attrib

utes of a high-performance building, such description is far from its true meaning and what it encompasses. 

A high-performance building satisfies a wide range of key performance criteria, with energy efficiency being one of those. However, the opposite is not always the case, meaning an energy efficient building is not necessarily a high-performance building. In fact, there are currently various examples of buildings across British Columbia that while managed to achieve high levels of energy efficiency, they have not successfully satisfied other key performance criteria such as moisture management, thermal comfort, durability, indoor air quality, etc.; thus, leading to outcomes nowhere near high performance. Such performance failures can lead to costly repairs and, most importantly, nuisances for end users. 

Based on several examples and case studies, this whole-day workshop will explain the differences between a “high performance” and “energy efficient” building and will familiarize participants with the concept of holistic approach towards building envelope energy efficiency. It would be demonstrated that embracing such holistic approach would be essential as the industry aims for higher levels of energy efficiency. Furthermore, participants will see how such holistic approach will pave the path towards creating “high performance” buildings that support the following three goals: 

✓ Superior experience for end users 

✓ Long-term performance of buildings 

✓ Sustainable environmental practices 

Highlights of the Workshop 

✓ Great emphasize on the intergraded design process via various brainstorming sessions and group works 

✓ Highly interactive and collaborative learning format 

✓ Around forty mobile building envelope assembly mock-ups 

✓ Wide range of building envelope products and systems 

✓ An intuitive and easy-to-follow PowerPoint presentation capturing case studies, photos, videos, and details 

Workshop Format 

This in-person, whole-day workshop will be delivered in the following format: 

✓ 8:30 am till 12 pm: The actual presentation and demonstration 

✓ 1 pm till 4 pm, group work: The participants will be divided into several groups and will be asked to collaborate with their counterparts in developing various full-scale, coloured building envelope details. The details will be based on the concepts covered in the workshop. During this interactive session, Hamid Heidarali and his team will visit each group, review their details, and provide tailored comments and feedback 

About the Presenter 

Hamid Heidarali has a strong passion for high performance and durable buildings that minimize their impact on the environment, while providing a superior experience for their occupants. He has been providing building science consultation on a wide range of projects in Canada over the past 17 years. He enjoys sharing his experience with others and to that note, he has taught Building Envelope courses to Masters Students as part of the Building Science Graduate Program at British Columbia Institute of Technology (2015 till 2019), and also presents to construction professionals on a regular basis. 

Hamid holds Professional Engineering designation (P.Eng) in Ontario and British Columbia, a LEED Accredited Professional in Canada, and certified Passive House Tradesperson through Germany. He received his Master of Engineering in Building Science and Construction Management, and his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Hamid is a Principal at HDB, a Building Science consulting firm, offering services with the focus on improving energy efficiency, moisture management, durability, and thermal comfort. 

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Registration and Breakfast: 7:00

Session: 8am

Session Concludes: 4pm

Approved for 7.5 CPD