BC Building Code for Designers

BC Building Code for Designers


November 25 @ 8:30AM

Join Mo Bayat and Chris Ray from the City of Kelowna as we explore what designers of all types need to consider as it pertains to new home construction and BC Building Code requirements and the BC Energy Step Code. From initial design to finishings, you will leave this course with the knowledge you need to advise your clients as it pertains to the BC Building Code and your business.

This course will introduce students to the latest edition of the BC Building Code as it applies to interior design. Students will apply a working knowledge of compliance, code objectives, definitions and appendices as they relate to the built environment.

Mo Bayat, Director Development Services for the City of Kelowna will discuss:

  • What are the City’s observations of 2018 BCBC implementation?
  • What are the most recent changes to the current BCBC for designers to know?
  • What are the most reoccurring inspection rejections or building permit issuance delay from design point of view and why?

Topic of Chris Ray, City’s Community Energy Specialist Presentation:

  • How Step Code metrics are used to measure the performance of the building and what designers should be aware of?
  • What role designers,  Certified Energy Advisors & builders are plying to meet and beat Step Code targets?
  • The City of Kelowna’s Step Code requirements and incentives.

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