central okanagan’s Tommie Awards

The Canadian Home Builders Association of the Central Okanagan is proud to celebrate the achievements of the residential construction industry in the Okanagan Valley. For over twenty-six years this well-respected award program, the ‘Tommie Awards’, has showcased the best in design, development, construction and marketing of residential and commercial projects. Recognized as a symbol of excellence, these awards showcase the vision, talent and commitment of these outstanding companies in the building of our communities.

The goal of our association is to inform consumers of the innovation, expertise and professionalism of our members. This award program is a prime example of the outstanding work that is being done by Builders, Renovators, Developers, Designers, and Marketers.


Representing the best of the best for 2018, these companies and their projects are celebrated for their excellence. Each winning project is the accumulation of the combined efforts of many talented and dedicated people.



Year over year, our Builders, Renovators, Designers, and Marketers continue to excel in their work! We acknowledge their commitment to this important and exciting industry, and celebrate their many accomplishments.