We recognized that home buyers cannot easily identify what the Tommie Award signifies. That’s why we’ve chosen to rebrand. We want consumers to understand the importance of working with a CHBA member, and the meaning behind the awards. The Okanagan Housing Awards of Excellence denotes meaning, instantaneously.

With various award names for the 9 CHBA locals in British Columbia, this creates nonuniformity and confusion among consumers. Our vision is to create a brand that CHBA locals in BC will adopt to increase credibility with greater geographical span. Consumers will understand the importance and value of working with a CHBA member province-wide. Scalability increases the impact for members when an Okanagan Housing Award of Excellence is granted.

Over the past 27 years, the CHBA has hosted the Tommie Awards to celebrate member’s exceptional achievements. The Tommie Awards have been successful and has served a great purpose, recognizing excellence in home building across the Thompson Okanagan. With this in mind, CHBA saw the opportunity to increase the value proposition of the award and generate greater consumer awareness. Thus, the award is being re-branded as The Okanagan Housing Awards of Excellence.