Step Code for Building Designers

Course Overview

The implementation of the BC Step Code has changed the way builders think about the construction of a home. However, what we’ve learned is that most of the pain points of building an energy-efficient home can be avoided if taken into consideration at the design phase.

In this one-hour session, we will discuss the considerations necessary when designing a home to meet Step Code requirements. We will be looking at sample house designs to determine what insulation, windows and mechanicals are commonly used to achieve desired step. This is to help the design community, and others, to learn the basic fundamentals of Step code design/build.



  1. Factors driving demand for energy efficient homes
    1. Building codes and mandatory labelling)
    2. Customer preferences and rising energy costs
    3. Presence of Net Zero homes and benefits to your brand


  1. Benchmarking and optimization: Understanding impact of Energy conservation measures (ECM) on performance metrics (ERS < REF %, MEUI, TEDI, and BC Step) through parametric simulation. Discuss energy considerations in:
    1. Design
    2. Assemblies
    3. Fenestration
    4. Mechanicals
    5. Renewables

Online via Zoom

Pending Approval for 1.0 CPD