Multi Family Building 101

With land coming at a premium and building materials soaring through the roof, builders throughout the Okanagan are looking to Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs) as a way to expand their business and enhance their bottom line. But for many builders transitioning from single-family, MURBs can present a whole new challenge as it pertains to energy efficiency and the BC Step Code.

Multi Family Building 101 – will take builders through the creation of one of these buildings, from permitting approvals through the actual construction through an energy efficiency lens. With a panel made up of an Expert Energy Advisor, City Official, and an Architect, participants will leave this course feeling prepared to take on a multi-family project.

This course is pending approval for 2.0 CPD with BC Housing


  • Mo Bayat – City of Kelowna – MURBs from a city perspective
    • Development Permit and  zoning bylaw requirements
    • Frontage & lane improvement requirements
    • Development Cost Charges and Service Connections
    • Exiting, Sound Transmission and Fire Resistance Rating
    • Fire protection, Spatial and Fire Separations
    • Most recurring inspection rejections or delay in building permit issuance
  • Brendon Gray – Egnite Sustainability – Step code considerations and energy efficiency in MURBs
    • Think Carbon Footprint! What are the embodied and operational carbon benefits in developing a MURB.
    • Importance of building orientation and lot selection
    • Benefits of proper window placement and how to work with your suppliers in optimizing your window performance towards enhanced energy efficiency and occupant comfort.
    • Importance of building envelope compartmentalization between units. Discuss challenges with conventional approaches and provide examples of optimized party walls.
    • Heating and cooling MURBs with Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps. What are the options, benefits and challenges? Discuss the cost savings in servicing MURBs with one energy source.
    • What is drain water heat recovery and how it reduces energy consumption.
    • Step Code Rebates and Design Offer Rebates
  • Matt Johnston – LIME Architecture – Design considerations and the opportunity in multi family building
    • The overall impact of the building industry on the environment
    • The positive environmental impact of multifamily infill buildings
    • The important of the missing middle component of Kelowna’s housing strategy.
    • The innovative approach to the missing middle issue by the City of Kelowna (infill challenge and specific new zone).
    • The success of the infill approach in existing (predominantly) single family urban neighbourhoods within central areas of Kelowna.
    • The design challenges encountered in developing an infill concept.
    • The design challenges encountered after realizing several infill projects.
    • The design challenges anticipated going forward in response to community response and changes in the BC Building Code.



Registration and Breakfast: 7:00

Session: 8am

Session Concludes: 10am