How to build an Acceptable Worksite culture with Builders Code

About this Course

The Builders Code is a standard code of conduct for workers in the construction industry in BC. It defines an “Acceptable Worksite” as the starting point for reducing risk and ensuring a safe and productive environment for all workers.

This session focuses on developing participant’s understanding of the Builders Code, the standards for Acceptable Worksites and the nature of worksite dynamics that can affect worksite cultures.


Curriculum topics include:

1.           Builders Code Overview (Definitions)

2.           Defining an Acceptable Worksite Culture (AWC)

3.           The Benefits of an Acceptable Worksite Culture

4.           The Nature and Impact of Unacceptable Worksite Conduct

5.           Conscious and Unconscious Bias

6.           Tools for Building Acceptable Worksite Cultures

7.           Closing Q&A


This course is pending approval for 2.0 CPD


Online Webinar

Pending approval for 2.0 CPD