BuildCO presents: StepUP

After a successful day of training in January, the CHBA-CO is launching StepUP: Preparing Builders for Step Code Implementation. 

With Kelowna moving to Step 3 in the coming months, and the implementation of Step 3 to the BC Building Code in 2022, builders throughout the Central Okanagan need to be prepared for code changes that lie ahead regarding the creation of more energy efficient homes.

StepUp provide builders with a full day of education to help them prepare for these incoming changes. Starting with the basics of the Integrated Design Process and covering topics including enclosures, heat pumps, and solar, builders will end the day with a wealth of information and will be better prepared to meet the challenges of creating higher-performance homes.

Speaker Lineup

A Designer’s Approach to Integrated Design Process 

Presented by Canadian Aerothermal
Not only are Stakeholders today being challenged with building to higher performance standards, they are also met with advancing technologies and the need to optimize value engineering to stay competitive.  Participants will learn the benefits of an IDP, steps required to obtain the IDP rebate, and understand the value of how stakeholders benefit from design through construction, and well into occupancy.

Demystifying Electric Heat Pumps: Updates for Okanagan Climate Region

Presented by Mitsubishi Electric
Outdoor temperature limitations have impacted the use and installation of air source heat pumps for years but with the development of low ambient heat pump systems the energy requirements of all our homes can be met, and carbon reduction is available and affordable.

Design options with zoning, load sharing and ducted and non-ducted options are available to offer a complete redesign of how homes are heated.  With reduced space and building square footage required for heating/ cooling applications, as well as precise zoning capacity for increased comfort and efficiency.  Building design with large central ducted options are no longer the only approach to home heating and cooling

High Performance Residential Building Enclosures

Presented by Owens Corning

The homes enclosure separates the living environment from the outside environment in order to provide the protection from weather, intruder, pests, noise, and dirt, to control the entry of sunlight, and most important, to maintain comfort.  The enclosure of a home includes part or all of the structure that hold up and forms the roof and that resists lateral loads from wind or earthquakes. A durable and effective enclosure is a key element in a green home, because all that goes on within the home depends on its proper functioning.

Grid Tie Solar – Simplified

Presented by Okanagan Solar

To anticipate and incorporate grid tie PV solar into all new construction. Covering items like: roof design, panel aesthetics, mounting systems, rough-in simplified, net metering applications and all important costs to install. Attendees will know how the process can be simplified and cost effective for designer, builder and clients.

We will look at solar system sizing and spacing, panel considerations and inverter types, mounting systems for all roof covers and slopes, electrical rough-in requirements and TSBC permit process. Net metering process (requirements and design considerations) and typical net construction costs versus a retrofit.

The Readers Digest to Step Code Mechanical

Presented by Vision Mechanical

There are many options for mechanical systems. Each project has its own set of challenges as we take into consideration a number of factors. These include: the projects solar readiness, geographical location, fuel availability, average running costs and budget. With a ‘thinking outside the box’ strategy, we become more creative with a functional solution to get the best return from your mechanical system. While the Step Code is currently an optional compliance path, we believe that many home owners and builders want to explore more sustainable options. We hope that our presentation will answer the questions most frequently asked about step code mechanical, and help educate on mechanical design and the equipment that you may not know about

Step code and your Fenestration Decisions

With the increased adoption of mid to higher levels of the BC Step Code around the province, the demand for fenestration manufacturers to step up their offerings is moving just as quickly.  With fenestration being a key component in the path to successful Step Code builds we will look at some basic product metrics to look for, and others to watch out for.  Making some knowledgeable decisions in the early design can make reaching a successful Step code target much less challenging.


This day is approved by BC Housing for up to 6 CPDs

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Canadian Home Builders Association - Central Okanagan


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