Now in it’s second year, BuildCO brings experts in building, renovation, and business development, BuildCO is a chance for members of the residential construction industry to get up to date on the education needed to keep them ahead of their competition.

BuildCO 2021 runs on Friday, January 28 at the Delta Grand in Kelowna.

Speaker Lineup

Integrative Design Process: A Mock Meeting
With AuthenTech Homes, Total Home Solutions, and Quality Air Care. Presented by Fortis BC

Since the announcement of Step Code, we’ve heard how the Integrative Design Process (IDP) is essential for reaching energy efficiency targets for residential buildings. But with high upfront costs, builders are hesitant to take the plunge. In reality taking part in IDP will save you and your clients money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page from day 1.
In this one hour session, we will take an archetype home from the Wilden Development and demonstrate how an IDP session is ran as well as exploring it’s objectives and outcomes. At the end, builders will feel confident utilizing IDP to plan their next build.

Step Code from a Site Super Perspective
With Dom Caron – AuthenTech Homes
Presented by Fortis BC
 As builders we are constantly adjusting daily practices to keep up with code changes. We are currently amidst a major shift moving towards building net-zero homes.  There are several different areas that are affected by the code changes, but my focus as a site supervisor is the blower door test, and how I can continue to tighten up the air exchanges on these homes.  My day to day involves a lot of conversation with trades, their impact on air tightness details, and how changing some of their practices can improve the overall build.  This course will provide a good outline of some new ideas & processes that we are implementing in our builds to help bridge the gap from steps 1 through 5. We’ve experienced a few challenges through our first net zero build, and we hope to use some of these as examples so that you the builder can move forward with some basic guidelines and ideas on how to get to step 5.  My hope is to spark interest and grow the awareness around the importance of executing the many different details that are required for building an air tight home.

How to Make Smart Building Enclosure Design & Construction Decisions with Increasing Step Code Targets and Consideration for Future Climate Resilience
With Graham Finch – RDH
Presented by BC Housing

Home builders in the Okanagan have plenty of building enclosure design and construction options and important decisions to make related to increasing BC Energy Step Code targets. Higher step code houses offer improved energy performance and comfort, but our local communities also urgently need homes that are more resilient to the effects of climate change such as persistent wildfires, floods, and heat waves. To mitigate further climate change, many projects aim to use lower embodied carbon building materials, yet builders are faced with ongoing worldwide supply chain issues. Needless to say, it is becoming more challenging for home builders to stay informed and make cost-effective decisions that offer long-term benefits to our BC communities.

In this seminar, Graham will dissect the building enclosure of a typical Okanagan home to help builders understand the interplay of fundamental requirements like heat, air, vapour, and water control along with growing considerations for embodied carbon, resilience to wildfire and water, and material availability. This seminar will cover the building enclosure design and material selection from below-grade floors and walls to above-grade walls and roof assemblies. Builders will take away a renewed sense of clarity about best practice future-proof building enclosures given the many goals that their projects are trying to achieve.

This day is pending approval for up to 6 CPDs

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