Yes, you do need to be a member of CHBA to enter the Okanagan Housing Awards of Excellence.  If you'd like to become a CHBA Member, download the Membership Application.

Categories are $300.00
Grand Housing Awards $500.00
All pricing add GST

November 15th, 2019 is the deadline to submit your completed online registration form.

You can submit projects up to November 15, 2020

No. The judges are flown in from out of town, province and cities. All submissions are kept confidential and judges do not know company names or addresses - only for marketing categories are company names revealed. Submissions will not be accepted with company logos on plans or photos or descriptions to ensure the confidentiality of the awards.

Project partners are anyone the applicant wants to add to the submission. Each category (excluding the Grand Housing Awards) allows for up to 4 project partners. Project Partners can be suppliers, designers, engineers, architects or any other business who has contributed to the project. Please note: project partners need to be a member of CHBA before the Finalist Night - November 28, 2019. Only the main category entrant will receive a Gold Award but Project Partners of winners are eligible to order a trophy of their own. All Project Partners who become finalists or winners will also receive certificates and be included in media as finalists and winners along with recognition during the Finalist and Gold events. Entrants must ensure that project partners are added correctly including spelling and proper names and information.

No. Everyone’s results will be confidential and no builders or renovators will gain insight into specific performance of one builder. Only finalists will be announced along with Gold Winners after the Silver and Gold Events. Companies entered that do not become finalists are not listed.

Only 3 finalists are selected for each award.

The square footage of the home includes the living space of the whole home, but excludes the garage or unfinished basement* areas.

*A finished basement that is an integral part of the plan should be included and shown in images. If a room is shown in the image, then it should also be included in the calculation of the square footage.

You can still submit your online entry form, just make sure you submit all information and payment by 5pm on Nov. 15, 2019.

You may submit on behalf of someone else but must submit the proper Permission Forms signed by either the Builder, Renovator or Home Owner.

All OHAE winners will receive their Award on the night of the Gold Gala in January 2020. Finalists and Winners will receive one certificate and can order additional OHAE Certificates and Trophies. To order, please contact the CHBA Office at (250) 861-3988

You can find this number on your confirmation email when you submitted your entry. Auto-generated ID number is given to ensure that all submissions are kept anonymous. Judges do not have the Entrant information, only the photos, descriptions and plans.